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  • When you need answers to make life altering decisions Camp Investigation Services is the trusted name that has been called on time after time.

    Unlike many other private investigation companies, we are a full-time, local agency with nearly 30 years of experience in both the private and public settings.

    Domestic surveillance (divorce/child custody)

    Camp Investigation Services specializes in the surveillance of “cheating spouses” and issues involving child custody.

    Through covert surveillance we can identify potential boyfriends/girlfriends or persons of interest that commonly destroy marriages and document this relationship via photographs or video. We will provide information that will not only document this relationship but also identify who this person is and as much background on them as we can uncover. All of the information you need to ask the right questions!

    In other cases, the divorces are final and both parties are living separately. Do you know who is spending the night in the same home as your children when the ex-spouse has custody or visitation? Do you worry about what activities are being conducted without your watchful eye being present? Leave the dirty work to us. Get the facts YOU need to rest assure that your children are in a safe and stable environment when you can’t be there yourself.

    Worker’s Compensation surveillance

    When money is on the line and people are capable of working but won’t, allow us to get the answers you need. We are experienced in the field of worker’s compensation insurance cases too! We understand that there are a different set of issues and areas to address when dealing with such cases. We have numerous tactics that we use to get the facts that your business needs to win your case!

    Computer Forensic investigation

    Camp Investigation Services is proud to offer the services of a certified computer forensic investigator that can testify in YOUR case as an expert witness in computer forensics and investigations. Ask our competitors if they are qualified to testify as an expert witness in the field of computer forensics. When the absolute truth is needed and testimony is critical call us!

    Missing Persons/run-a-ways

    Unlike many private investigation services, Camp Investigation Services employs many retired police detectives with many many years of experience in locating missing persons and run-a-way children. Our success rate speaks for itself! Each case is unique and has it’s own circumstances. All of these cases however require excellent interview and people skills. All of our investigators are highly trained. Give us a call a call and let our experts answer your questions and help find your loved one.

    Criminal case consulting/crime scene review

    Is your client or loved one charged with a crime? As previously trained police detectives who have interviewed thousands of people and went over countless crime scenes, let us give you the perspective through the eyes of a trained law enforcement detective. Law enforcement officers are trained to view things from a different perspective. Let us share our insight with you and use that information to make sure the police have done their jobs properly. Law enforcement is overwhelmed with a large case load and sometimes things get overlooked, let us review your case to make sure things were done thoroughly and correctly. Give us a chance to interview potential witnesses, review the crime scene again and go over police reports and evidence.

    People locates/skip-tracing service

    Is there someone in your past you are looking for? Is there someone that owes you money? Loved ones or family members? Classmates or military buddies? Give us a chance with one phone call to find these people. Prices are lower than you think! Give us a call and let us find that person you have been wondering about!

    Electronic surveillance

    At Camp Investigation Services we believe in old fashioned hard work, but we also understand that times are changing and that in order to do some jobs more efficiently and cost-effective for our clients, we must be up-to-date on technology, including the use of GPS tracking devices where situations permit it. We realize that doing a good job entails a balance between effort and technology. Staying up to date on the ever changing laws and systems available to get our clients the answers.

    Accident reconstruction

    With a large pool of off-duty and ex-law enforcement personnel on the staff, our accident reconstruction team is trained in all aspects of such investigations making them experts in the field. When you need answers to every question involving a motor-vehicle accident, give us a call and let us serve you!

  • Transparency with our clients along with personable and professional services are how we do business.No fast talk, no gimmicks and no hidden fees/charges, just straight forward, honest investigations at competitive and fair prices.

    Because every case is different we offer a variety of packages in all of the services we provide. Pay as you go with a credit card on file or through a retainer. The decision is YOURS. We understand that this isn't something that our clients do everyday, but it IS something we do everyday, so please call us for a free consultation, with absolutely no obligation. One phone call and you will understand our commitment to you, our client. The phone call is the hardest decision you will have to make. We look forward to serving you and helping you get the answers you need.

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